Glenn Strömberg wears GoS in designer clothes launch

GoS Watch Ambassador - Glenn Strömberg

Glenn Strömberg launch his line of clothes in collaboration with Kappahl, which has stores in Sweden Norway, Finland and Poland. We look forward to see more of his Italian inspired style in Sweden


Back from Beijing 2015

GoS visit Beijing furing February 2015GoS in Beijing 2015

We are back from visiting both new and old friends in Beijing. GoS is much appreciated in China, not only because of our unique watches but also because of our Nordic core values and heritage.

More to be annnounced in March right after Baselworld 2015.

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Glenn Strömberg wears GoS in designer clothes launch


GoS watch ambassador - Glenn StrömbergGoS Watch Ambassador - Glenn Strömberg

Glenn Strömberg is a Swedish football legend and has had an impressive career both as a top player and a much respected commentator and ambassador for the sport. He is also a watch aficionado with a large watch collection. The words Passion, Quality and Credibility are his guiding lights in everything he commits to and his latest project is a clothes collection with an Italian touch for the Swedish brand Kappahl.

The collection will be launched during Spring 2015 and as you can see, Glenn wears his GoS Nordic Seasons Autumn on the press photo as "the watch highlights everything!".


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New exclusive box

New GoS watch presentation boxNew exclusive presentation box

We have decided to update the GoS presentation box with a more exclusive option to be introduced together with the new Nordic Seasons - Gold model.

The box measures 21x21cm and has a high gloss laquered dark wood exterier and a cream leather interior. The box will also be produced with a different inset that will also cartoon porn hold a GoS custom folder knife.

This box will hot lesbian porn be available from March 2015.

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Back from Abu Dhabi 2014

GoS visit Abu Dhabi 2014GoS cartoon porn in Abu Dhabi 2014

We are back from visiting our friends in Abu Dhabi. They were the first to be presented the first GoS gold/steel bicolor watch, due for release soon.

The news will be updated with photos from the Al Aweidha showroom once GoS has been installed.

A sneak peek online payday loans of the Nordic Seasons Gold is available celebrity nude below.

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Fileworked crown


GoS - Fileworked damascus steel crownFileworked damascus steel cialis online crown

Fileworking details to create patterns and additional highlights is a technique that is common among the best blade makers. The patterns porn cartoon are very personal and every master knifemaker has their own way of doing it. The first GoS watches made earlu 2008. This month we decided it was time to introduce this knifemaking feature into the GoS watches.

So, we developed hentai porn a pattern for a new crown that will be first featured in a upcoming new bi-color model, Nordic Seasons - Gold.

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