Exotic watch straps in Elk (Moose in USA/Canada, Älg in Sweden)

Exotic watch straps in Elk (Moose in USA/Canada)GoS exclusive watch straps

GoS are proud to announce our new selection of straps that are made from locally produced Elk-leather (Moose in USA/Canada, Älg in Sweden). The leather is sourced from a proud third-generation family business, which produce high-quality leathers for high-end leather products. We found their elk leather to be superior to others, having a richness that makes it stand out. The GoS straps will be available in two qualities, Premium and Sarek, both hand made and equally soft and comfortable to wear. Straps in Premium leather have a smooth and finely grained surface while Sarek leather has a unique character with a shrunken grain and lustrous surface. Elk leather is known to be very durable and becomes even more beautiful in hard use.

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Exquisite Timepieces - Official retailer for GoS Watches

GoS at Exquisite Timepieces in Naples FloridaExquisite Timepieces in Naples cartoon porn Florida - Official retailer for GoS Watches

Gust cartoon porn afsson & Sjögren are proud to announce that Exquisite Timepieces in Naples Florida is a new GoS retailer in the US. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for the world's finest timepieces. They represent several high end brands that offer unique pieces and have a collection that is very impressive.



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GoS agent and retailer in Qatar

GoS in Doha, QatarGheith Essence of Swords - GoS agent in Qatar

GoS Watches are proud to announce that we have an agent and retailer in Qatar that share our passion for traditions and handcraft. Gheith Essence of Swords was founded by Khalifa Ghaith Al Kuwari in a desire to re-establish the craftsmanship of sword and dagger making in Qatar. Khalifa Ghaith Al Kuwari has also been instrumental in re-introducing the ceremonial and traditional use of swords:
"In Qatar our tradition is to use them at weddings - some use pure silver swords when they're dancing, or they give them as presents."
However, the sword has hot lesbian porn not always been so harmless.
"These lesbian porn types of hunting tools go back hundreds of years back, and were a necessity for people who lived in this region."



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GoS pen prototypes

news gos penGoS damascus steel pen prototypes

We are working on prototypes for damascus steel ballpoint pens. The pens will feature a solid damascus steel tube and celebrity nude viking detailing.

A sneak peek of the work-in-progress can be seen below.

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Glenn Strömberg wears GoS in designer clothes launch

GoS real celebrity porn Watch Ambassador - Glenn Strömberg

Glenn Strömberg launch his line of clothes in collaboration with Kappahl, which has stores in Sweden Norway, Finland and online payday loans Poland. We look forward to see more of his Italian inspired style in Sweden


Back from Beijing 2015

GoS visit Beijing furing February 2015GoS porn cartoon in Beijing 2015

We are back from visiting both new and old friends in Beijing. GoS is much appreciated in China, not only because of our unique watches but also because of our Nordic core values and heritage.

More to be annnounced in March right after Baselworld 2015.

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