Johan Gustafsson

johanSwedish master bladesmith

Johan Gustafsson has always been fascinated by steel crafting. Since he now lives in a beautiful and historically rich location in Norsholm, he is always in close proximity to the heritage left behind by the Vikings. From his house by the water, Johan can even see the site where remnants from an ancient weapon forge were found.

Johan Gustafsson left the company in July 2021 and it will continue to operate under the name GoS with Co-founder Patrik Sjögren as CEO, watchmaker, and sole owner. Over the years, Johan's organic damascus steel has been an intrinsic element in GoS watches, as the brand established itself as the "King of damascus steel in Horology". Building our brand with its unique identity has been a rewarding experience, and GoS wish Johan the very best of success in all of his future endeavors.

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