Johan Gustafsson Damascus steel Art in new book

Johan Gustafsson featured in new book on Damascus steel Art

Johan Gustafsson Damascus steel art

Johan Gustafsson has an ability to create patterns in steel that are uniquely identified as his work, which has made him well known among knifemakers and collectors. Johan was one of the 22 artists to be featured in the first ever large format book on the art form of handmade custom art knives, “Art and Design in Modern Custom Folding Knives".  The book was the first in a series created by David Darom, who is a marine biologist, professional photographer and a collector of knives.  It is an important book as it was the first to acknowledge the talented knife makers whose vitality, craftsmanship, and artistry are on a par with the finest jewelry and watchmaking.  His books are regarded as a must for serious collectors and several of his large format art books have been translated into 5 additional languages.

GoS is very proud to announce that Johan Gustafsson will be featured in the upcoming new volume by Darom.  Johan will reveal some (but not all) manufacturing steps of his Mosaic Damascus steel and the new exquisite folder knives are shown in great detail. The section also includes some of the most beautiful knives Johan has created during the last 10  years.

GoS photos in Johan Gustafsson smithy

Damascus steel forged by hand with assistance of air hammer-1200
Damascus steel wildflower dial ready for etching finishing-1200
GoS Damascus steel pens with viking not patterns 2-1200
GoS Winter Nights desired by a blade smith-1200
GoS Winter Nights on anvil.crop-1200
GoS Winter Nights on mosaic damascus steel blade wild flower dial in progress.crop-1200
Handforging stretched damascus steel1-1200
Johan Gustafsson and Patrik Sjgren.2-1200

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