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Patrik Sjögren has developed a reputation of being a skilled watchmaker and has received acknowledgments for his accomplishments with the GoS watches from the most demanding watch aficionados. His work with GoS movements and their bridges in damascus steel has received worldwide recognition. Patrik Sjögren manufactures  not only the crowns, dials and dial components but also the watch hands and movement parts. Every part is then finished by Patrik to his own high requirements which means that at least one work day is spent on the finishing of a set of watch hands alone. The finishing of one damascus steel bridge takes at least one full week to perform as it is very labor intensive. The resulting combination of raw damascus steel surfaces and the highgloss polished details is another unique feature of the GoS watches.

GoS watches are based on high quality Swiss mechanical movements, which are available in different variations, with the damascus steel modifications being the most exclusive option. GoS use the best materials and suppliers to ensure that a high level of craftsmanship is applied on all parts included in the GoS concept. The best suppliers are chosen for parts that are not manufactured in the GoS workshop. The cases for the Sarek watches are manufactured by Ickler, one of the best watch case makers in Germany, and then finished in the GoS workshop. Highly skilled local artisans develop wooden presentation boxes and display material to GoS specifications. The GoS watches are fitted with handmade watch straps in the best quality Scandinavian Elk leather (known as Moose in USA/Canada).

Fileworking crown 1
Fileworking crown n
GoS Braun movement remaining bridges-1200
damascus steel hands 005
damascus watch hands 070
damascus watch hands beveled 008
gold dial midnight sun
gos gold hands 010-1200
gos gold hands 014-1200
gos gold polishing bevels-1200
gos movement mho-1200
gos nordic seasons summer4-1200
gos titanium index ring 004-1200
gos twist mosaic movement 007-1200
gos workshop 006-1200

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