Back from Baselworld 2018

Back from Baselworld 2018

news baselworld 2018GoS exhibited in Hyperion hotel just next to Hall.2 of Baselworld as one of the brands exhibiting with Swiss Creative Lab, e.g Urwerk and Manufacture Royal. We were very pleased to be able to show a production quality prototype in the Väring No.0. Our visitors awed at the watch and the story behind it with GoS honoring the 1000 year anniversary of the return of viking leader Väring from England. 

Other event that occurred was the 2nd time of Wine&Time, which was held on Baselworld Friday with 200 exhibitors and visitors in a tight but cozy space in a Wine bar. One of Patrik´s personal highs was to join Monochrome watches Schnitzel Dinner for Independents for the first time as last year was cancelled. 


GoS - Back from Baselworld 2018

Baselworld 2018 Varing in box
Baselworld 2018 Varing viking watch
Baselworld 2018 cold arrival
Schnitzel dinner 2018

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