GoS Masterclasses during Dubai Watch Week by Patrik Sjögren

Patrik Sjögren held Masterclasses in chamfering during Dubai Watch Week 2019

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Patrik Sjögren was invited to hold Masterclasses during Dubai Watch Week 2019. Among others also holding masterclasses were Antoine & Florian Preziuso, Fiona Krüger, Bovet and Moser et Cie. The concept selected by Patrik and the DWW organizers was to introduce the participants into the art of chamfering. Patrik prepared kits in which the participants used the same tools as he uses when bevelling both hands and movement parts.

Ariel Adams on the Dubai Watch Week: "Dubai Watch Week is different than most watch shows because it isn’t about helping watch brands get orders from retailers and it isn’t about selling timepieces directly to the public. Rather, it sees itself as a summit of the most important minds in the timepiece industry space - gathering them together in Dubai to exchange ideas, share concerns, and show off their latest and greatest crafts and innovations. It’s the type of event the watch industry needs because it is about dialog and sharing best practices... and its the type of event that doesn’t exist anywhere else."

 An introduction to DWW by Elizabeth Doerr of Quill & Pad


Chamfering Masterclasses during Dubai Watch Week 2019

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