New GoS atelier features two workshops and a showroom

The GoS Atelier has moved to a larger location on the second floor in one of the oldest houses of Linköping - dating back to 1754. The atelier now features a showroom with a view of the main square and has two separate workshops, i.e. one for manufacturing, finishing, and prototyping, and another one for assembly. There are no official opening hours, but visitors are welcome to contact Patrik Sjögren to confirm a visit. 

1 GoS atelier entrance.1920
2 GoS Atelier assembly workshop.1920
3 GoS Atelier prototyping finishing workshop.1920
4 GoS Atelier prototyping workbench.1920
5 GoS atelier showroom fireplace hugin munin.1920
6 GoS atelier showroom.1920
7 GoS atelier showroom display.1920
8 Stora Torget 8-GoS-atelier on top floor
9 Stora Torget 8 1901
9 stora-torget-i-linkoping-en-torgdag-1891-andra-onsdagen-i-varje-manad-holls-b84595

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