Sarek Trollius II



Only two will be produced in 2023, No.2 available

The new Sarek Trollius is the first watch in the 2nd edition of the Sarek collection, which Patrik Sjögren has worked on for almost two years. Sarek II is slightly smaller in diameter with its 41.5mm and the thickness could be kept almost the same even though the new movement is thicker. A lot of effort has gone into refinement of the already existing design elements. One example of this is seen in the lugs that have been shortened and re-shaped to match the GoS crown.

Watch Connaisseurs who are familiar with the first edition of Sarek Trollius will immediately recognize the case engraving elements and gold accents by Swedish craftsman Anders Hedlund. The stronger expression of the new Sarek lugs also provides more surface area for Anders to adorn, as does the back of the case which is now home to a mirrored engraving of the bezel as well as elaborate scroll patterns that frame the engraved text.

The origin of the Trollius name came when Anders and Patrik decided to introduce hand-polished gold pins as a design element. Polished 24k gold pins are something premium knife makers sometimes use to embellish their work. Trollius Europaeus (Globeflower) is a flower with yellow buds that is common in Sarek National Park in northern Sweden. The scrollwork for the watch resembles the petals of the Trollius flower and the gold pins emulate the yellow buds. A refinement introduced with the 2nd edition is the straight grinding by Anders in the elliptical grooves before he rivets and polish the gold pins. This finishing detail creates a contrast between the grooves in the case ring while highlighting the polished gold pins themselves.

A prominent new feature is the use of a glass ring as chapter ring, which is a detail that originated in the Norrsken collection. The ring is recessed into the damascus steel dial and allows a view through onto the pattern while certain angles instead create a golden glow within the glass. This is accomplished by hand-applying gold enamel both to the milled hour indexes but also to the outer edge of the glass ring.

La Joux-Perret introduced a new automatic movement with a 65 hour power reserve in 2021 and this is the movement of choice for the 2nd edition of Sarek. The G101 movements are manufactured to GoS specification, which includes the anthrazite finish, and are equipped with a skeletonized and beveled rotor. The rotor is then further embellished with a GoS triskele emblem in gold finish.

The production of the new Sarek Trollius is limited to four pieces per year to not interfere with what Anders is working on for his own clients and future exhibitions. Most Trollius watches will be made on order, which allows the client to be involved in the selection and approval of the damascus dial.


  • Case: 41.5mmx11mm (5ATM) lug-to-lug: 49.5mm
  • Lug width: 21mm
  • Glass: Domed sapphire glass with double sided AR coating, extra hard on outside
  • Movement: La Joux-Perret G101 made to GoS specification with anthrazite finish. The solid Tungsten rotor is skeletonized and feature a GoS triskele emblem in gold.
  • Dial: Conny Persson´s wildflower pattern, machined and finished in the GoS workshop to achieve a high contrast result
  • Bezel: A perpetual Trollius leaf scroll.
  • Index ring/rehaut: The index ring is made from solid glass with hour indexes marked through machining of the bottom. Gold enamel is applied to both hour indexes and the outer edge of the glass ring and the ring is secured onto the dial through a recess and 12 fixation points.
  • Hands: GoS spear shape in high gloss polished gold plated finish.
  • Crown: GoS design in straight sanded finish with bead blasted grooves and hand-polished bevels. The 7.5mm crown features an integrated crown guard and has double gaskets.
  • Case finishing: Stainless steel, designed and finished with inspiration from viking bracelets. Handmade pins from 24k gold are riveted into each elliptic groove of the case ring. The grooves are straight sanded to add contrast towards the high-gloss polished outer surface of the case ring. The case back and lug sides are deep engraved with Trollius leaf scroll.
  • Strap: Handcrafted and tapered 21-20mm strap in premium Moose leather, fitted with premium GoS 20mm GoS pin-buckle in stainless damascus steek
  • Every watch engraved with “Sarek Trollius No.X 202X” to indicate that every watch is a unique piece in addition to a serial number for each year. A maximum of four Sarek Trollius will be manufactured each year and No.1 2023 is sold.
  • Five year guarantee
  • Delivered in GoS presentation box made from hardwood that´s been treated to resemble black oak. 

The retail price of Sarek Trollius II is US$18,500 + applicable taxes. 

The Sarek Trollius II is limited to four pieces per year and is manufactured on order. Use the info-button below if you are interested in a purchase or to request more information about our watches:

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Sarek Trollius No1 2023-01920
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Sarek Trollius No1 2023-51920
Sarek Trollius No1 20231
Sarek Trollius No1 20232
Sarek Trollius No1 20233
Sarek Trollius No1 20234
Sarek Trollius No1 20235

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