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GoS introduced the Sarek collection in 2016 with dial patterns that emulated the elaborate and ever-changing waterways in the Sarek National Park. A number of variations and bespoke elements have since then been introduced as well as dials that resemble the famous northern lights of Lapland.  Northern lights are by far the most famous light phenomenon of the north, but the colorful Autumn Sunsets can be just as spectacular.

GoS tempered damascus steel dials have deep and dynamic colors, but one limitation is that they do not emit any light. Mother-of-pearl is translucent and let both color and light through the material. GoS is the first watch brand to use this property and present mother-of-pearl dials that glows in colors.  Patrik Sjögren has developed the combination during two years to perfect two favorite themes, sunset orange and ice blue, as seen in glaciers and thick ice. The elegant and colorful dials are framed with a bezel made from Swedish stainless damascus steel.

Premium tapered strap and Swiss made deployant buckle
GoS watch straps normally are made from moose leather sourced by GoS. However, the Sarek collections dress watch qualities are sometimes better matched with a tapered strap in a more glossy leather. We now offer alternatives to further personalize the watch in both leather qualities and stitching to match or contrast the dial´s color range. The deployant buckles are Swiss made and supplier´s patented and elegant snap lock mechanism has been proven to be flawless by major premium watch brands.

Presentation box in Swedish crystal
The elegance of the unique dials in mother-of-pearl is matched with new GoS presentation boxes in Swedish crystal. The manufacturer Vas Vitreum is a family owned company that is now run by the 4th and 5th generation of glass craftsmen. GoS and Vas Vitreum collaborated in designing a multi-functional crystal box that serves equally well for display as elegant protection of the watch inside.

The watch is mounted on a soft cylindrical pillow made from reindeer suede which is secured inside the crystal box.


  • Case: 43.0mmx10.5mm (5ATM)

  • Lug width: 22mm

  • Glass: Domed sapphire glass with double sided AR coating, extra hard on outside

  • Movement: Soprod A10 with GoS triskele rotor, dark satinized and with addititional counter weight in hand finished German silver and engraved "Glacier" or "Sunset".

  • Dial: Multi-layered dial with premium white mother-of-pearl and Swiss Super-LumiNova for the best available afterglow and colored luminescence. The dials are manufactured and assembled by hand in the GoS workshop.

  • Hands: GoS spear shape in high gloss polished Rhodinated finish

  • Crown: GoS design in highgloss polished with satinized grooves. 7mm in diameter and with double gaskets.

  • Bezel: Stainless damascus steel from the masters at Damasteel in Söderfors Sweden. The bezel is manufactured and finished in the GoS workshop.

  • Index ring/rehaut: Two layers combining previous GoS design with inspiration from viking bracelets. The hour markings are opened to show the color and light from the dial.
  • Case finishing: Stainless steel, worked and finished with inspiration from viking bracelets. Optional scroll engraving on bezel by Swedish master Stanley Stoltz.

  • Strap: Handcrafted and tapered 22-20mm strap in premium Moose leather, fitted with premium GoS 20mm Swiss made folding buckle in stainless steel.

  • Every watch engraved with “Sarek 1/1” to indicate that every watch is a unique piece in addition to a serial number.

  • Five year guarantee

  • Delivered in handcrafted presentation box in Swedish crystal, made by Vas Vitreum glass artists in Vadstena, Sweden


The retail price of Sarek Sunset and Sarek Glacier is US$8,500 + applicable taxes. Production limited to 10pcs for 2019 due to current GoS workshop capacity and pre-orders taken for first deliveries in May 2019.

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